week 7: out-of-class discovery


  • Visit your local bricks-and-mortar mega-bookstore. Assess how the bookstore promotes its digital reader and offerings. How are they promoting books? What kinds of books are being promoted?
  • ebook exercise: print-on-demand
    Explore Seattle’s print-on-demand services. There is an espresso machine at the Seattle campus UW Bookstore as well as Third Place Books. They are coming to Bartell Drugs. Read about Seattle author Matt Briggs. How many books are there in your niche?


  • In a post here (no later than Sun 23 Feb @ 6 pm) tell us what you learned about print-on-demand. Is this delivery method a viable one for your publishing efforts? Why or why not?
  • Project: How will your site/book be discovered? Discuss the social tools and which makes the most sense for your project in a post on this blog.
  • Project: Publish two more posts on your project blog. Link them on your project page here (so it’s easy for use to read them!).
  • Reading before next Wednesday:

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