Wanted: Book Smell

Guy Kawasaki was extremely helpful in explaining the more popular print-on-demand options, which Moonshine Publications will definitely be utilizing. We feel it’s important to have access to hard copies since, as Guy pointed out, ebooks only reach 10% of the book market. Physical books are also important for promotional purposes, and everyone working on Moonshine wants to see a hard copy novel. Guy Kawasaki was right when he said there’s something more ‘real’ and satisfying about a physical book.

Moonshine will set up through CreateSpace. CreateSpace manages distribution of hard copy books to its own store, Amazon, and Amazon Europe. While CreateSpace claims to offer up to 60% royalties based on the list price the author sets, based on quick estimates of our page count and list price, we’ll only be earning about 10-23% on each book sold through Amazon (according to CreateSpace’s Royalty Calculator). This gives me pause since these rates are comparable to traditionally published author royalty rates—without the full range of services normally offered by a traditional publishing house. However, offering hard copies allows us to reach a segment of our market we would not normally be able to with digital books, and CreateSpace helps with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) without cutting into KDP royalties.

If we see a large number of hard copies being sold, we may move to Lightning Source. However, right now we do not have the expertise or time to use Lightning Source since it’s designed for use by experienced publishers.


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