Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest, Oh My!

Using social media to market for a dual-author book is a bit intimidating. Since we have limited time and almost zero starting resources, we’ve opted to go with a single website that we can both contribute to rather than two separate sites. Likewise, we don’t use social media as two separate authors, but as a publishing company. This means walking a fine line between being professional but not impersonal, and fun but not goofy.


Moonshine Publications has its own Facebook page and Twitter account. These accounts are updated daily with links to our own blog posts or links related to the South or publishing industry. We hope that by building a following through posts that are not always promotional in nature, we will be able to gain more traction when we announce our work.


According to Writer’s Digest, “Pinterest is the ideal social network” for “businesses trying to reach men and women between the ages of 25 to 44.” Since this is encompasses a good chunk of our target audience, Moonshine will be creating a Pinterest page and linking to images of Appalachia, pictures from our blog, and artwork from our artist. We’ll also be pinning pictures of the Southern food we make as well as Moonshine’s morale events.

…and more!

Moonshine has share buttons for seven other social media networks on each of our blog posts. Since we just have one person managing our marketing efforts, we’re going to slowly add accounts as we’re able. As stated above, we’re currently getting a feel for our Facebook and Twitter accounts and will soon start sharing our posts via Google + and Pinterest. Once we have published works, we’ll break our trend by setting up two separate Goodreads author accounts. In the future, we set up an Instagram account to capture our publicity events and day-to-day work. We may also consider doing book trailers via YouTube since it has good feedback from publishers, but book trailers take money we don’t currently have.


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