The Social Media Scene

Since my website—the Green Queen of Moderation—covers a wide array of topics, I can use a variety of social media to promote individual posts, as well as the site in general.

Facebook: I created a Facebook (FB) page for the site, with 81 “likes” to date. Of these, about 5o are from my friends; the others are primarily friends of friends, and one has no other connections (not sure where she came from). I “aggressively” promoted the GQ FB page on my personal FB page when it first launched, and continue to post links to new blog posts. On the GQ FB page, I post musings, links to other websites with applicable content, and photos relating to sustainability. I found that having a dog in the photo (along with my husband who I tagged) boosted views and likes considerably.

Twitter: Right now, I have only a personal Twitter account, and tweet about everything from the publishing industry to environmental topics, with only the occasional “personal” tweet. Once the GQ website is fully functional, I will likely create a separate Twitter account for it, so I can tweet to a more targeted audience. I currently have 65 Twitter followers.

Pineterest: Many of my website posts will have Pinterest appeal: craft projects, gardening, repurposing, and such, so I will definitely use it when it applies. I will continue to use my personal account to “pin” links to my blog posts. This means my photos have to be Pinterest worthy—something I will need to work on. I have the skills to create somewhat professional studio photos, but I will need to get some additional equipment like a seamless background set-up.

Google+: I have already connected with some sustainable-oriented Google+ groups, and have posted links to pertinent blog posts there. This will be a slow build, but doable. I would probably pursue this more aggressively, when and if I write a book.

LinkedIn: Since my LinkedIn profile is more oriented to my “day job” as a publications specialist, I will only promote the GQ site as a “look what I can do” vehicle to show off my writing. If I am particularly proud of a specific post, I might feature it, but I need to consolidate my time, and I believe the more “personal” social media sites will net more readers/followers at this point in time.

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About Andrea Leigh Ptak

I am a graphic designer, editor and writer who specializes in publications. My 40-year career has included stints as Art Director at a small printing firm, Assistant Art Director at an advertising agency, and Production Manager at both a national advertising agency and a large national printing company. In 1980, I forged out on my own and never looked back. I owned and operated a successful full-service design studio in San Antonio, Texas, from 1980–1992. In 1993, I moved to Seattle, Washington. As the owner of Communicating Words & Images, I work with publication clients from the corporate and non-profit worlds. I also write a blog under the moniker: The Green Queen of Moderation—living an imperfectly sustainable life. The Green Queen shares tips and promotes ideas for sustainable living without going to extremes. Topics include the "re" words (recycling, repurposing, etc.), the green garden, green living, and simple gifts. My interests include gardening, photography, knitting, music of all kinds (I sing), theater, science fiction, and everything about the natural world. Two years ago, I received certification as a Master Urban Naturalist via The Audubon Society.

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