Promoting Heart Swell

To promote Heart Swell, I plan on employing a variety of social media tools:

Twitter: Each time I write a blog, I plan to tweet, using hashtags and @ symbols to connect to relevant topics and profiles. I have already seen hashtags attract people who never would have otherwise stumbled across my blog when I wrote about topics like yoga, sprint triathlons, etc., so it seems to be a worthwhile and fairly simple tool to use to promote Heart Swell.

Facebook: I also plan to create a unique Facebook page for Heart Swell, where I can post each new blog entry and create a community with readers that features photos, quotes and links germane to the blog.

Instagram: I have a link to my Instagram account on Heart Swell. This is more of a personal account, a way for readers to connect with me as the author and see what my daily life and/or interests would be, since they relate closely to the blog. But since my profile links to Heart Swell, it may also be a good way to attract traffic.

Pinterest: Because a variety of my topics relate to travel, recipes, etc., there is ample opportunity to post blog photos to Pinterest so that viewers can link back to my blog.

Miscellaneous: In addition to the promotional tools above, I also plan to link to other blogs, comment on other blogs, and offer to write for other blogs to create a network of other bloggers who share each other’s content.


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