Stop, Look, Listen, and Make Some Friends Along the Way

A Blog Promotion Post

In recent times, I have been inundated with “Look at me!” and “Please check out our blog post” missives (yes, I just got that one today on LinkedIn).  They are usually empty traffic-inducing ploys.  I believe it’s time to look at the next generation of promotion.  Being part of something bigger than myself.

In the last class (fall semester), we identified some ways to promote our blogs.  I choose Twitter  and Facebook  as vehicles to promote my blog content.

It’s pretty easy to publish and promote using the automatic WordPress functionality via jetpack —although I had planned on getting Facebook feedback first for a post, then going to Twitter as a followup, according my project calendar.

However, one thing I think our instructors have been encouraging us to do is look around and interact with the community around us.

According the article 10 Smartest Things You Can Do to Promote Your New Blog— Number 5 is Schmooze.


FriendsFind the top 20-30 blogs in your space, and get acquainted with them. Read them. Get to know the authors of those blogs. Build relationships with them. Yeah, it takes time. Yeah, it takes persistence. It’s also very much worth it.

The author also encourages us to build an email list, which is something I hadn’t thought of.

I think these are other ways to interact with likeminded folks via social media.

I like it.

Photo:  Flicker Creative Commons 


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