week 1 – oct 1 – introductions

Getting to know one another … and starting down our publishing path.


Reading before next Wednesday:

  • Read: Introduction and Chapter 1, WordPress: The Missing Manual
  • Review: WordPress Lessons: Introduction to blogging (pay special attention to terminology)
  • Review: WordPress Resource: Understanding Posts (please read best practices)
  • Review: WordPress Resource: Understanding Pages (the differences between a page and a post)


  • Tools: Twitter – set up a Twitter account (if you don’t already have one). We’ll add the link to your project page in lab next week. Our class hashtag is #uwdigipub
  • General assignment due next Tuesday : complete the set up of your individual WordPress.com sites; modify the theme from the default. We’ll add the link to your project page in lab next week.
  • General assignment due next Tuesday: make a post here (as an author on this course blog) that is a resource or news item related to course topics (very big umbrella); select the category “resources” for your post.You can post from the top level “My Sites” (wordpress.com/sites) or by going to the dashboard. This is how “My Sites” should show the course blog after you have accepted the invitation to become an editor:
    Post to UWDigiPubOr you can access all of your blogs from any blog dashboard by mousing over your name in the upper right hand corner. The dropdown will list all blogs associated with this login:
    wp dashboard dropdown


How to make a text link

How to make a post

Link to screencast.

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