Bridging the Digital Gap; NYT’s Leaked Internal Report


I have a subscription to the New York Times, The New Yorker and frequently buy academic journals, all in their print forms. But I frequent sites like Buzzfeed, Wired, and Grantland on a daily basis because they’re engrained in my phone, and I in it.

New media, journalism, and criticism of both are something I’m very interested, so my nerd alert went haywire when Buzzfeed released a leaked internal report of an investigation the NYT’s did on themselves to compare and contrast their digital delivery methods compared to that of their competitors. The report is pretty long, around 100 pages, but it’s extremely candid and refreshing to see how a company views their own practices and standards. And possibly even more relevant now considering the Times just eliminated roughly 100 jobs from the newsroom.

So, that’s my contribution for week one. Probably a little long to just share a link, but I like my critical analysis!


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