A 10,000 Year Clock

Hey Everyone–

I thought for my post that I would share a link to an interesting blog that I have been following on occasion for several years.  The blog is called The Long Now and is from the Long Now Foundation.  These folks are trying to think about biq questions facing humanity and how these questions–and perhaps some answers or at least some suggestions–can be considered over the coming decades, centuries or eons.  Thus, the Long Now.

My favorite project they are doing is the 10,000 year clock.  They are building this actual clock inside a mountain down in Texas.  Why?  Why not? –they would answer.  It seems like a beautiful, incredible project, and I would love to go down there and visit the clock someday.  If you become a member of the foundation, you can get on the priority list to visit the clock in the future.  And another cool thing you get is a stainless steel membership card!  Tempting, but I haven’t joined yet.

The clock inventor and team also believe that just by building such a clock, it will challenge some of us to consider life and societies and our planet out that far in time.  So given the rapid rise of digi publishing as evidenced by Kathy’s powerpoint presentation last week, we might try and ponder about the long term future digital publishing and what it will look like–if it even exists–in ten thousand years.

See you tomorrow night…..David KH

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About David KH

A citizen of Cascadia, I am interested in what triggers us into joy and especially how art and literature do such triggering. I am a writer of poetry and fiction, and an artist--and have enjoyed a varied and engaging career in education and non-profits in the greater Seattle area. May this blog help you connect with amazing ways artists and writers are engaging creatively with poetry and literature today. And also, help you discover your own triggers of joy.

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