week 2 – 8 October – design


  • Housekeeping
  • Design lecture/discussion
  • WordPress hosting
  • For next week: Finding and sharing images, take 1 (Flickr)



  • Moving from paper to computer to mobile
  • Grids  / typeface choices / visuals versus text


WordPress and hosting

  • Picking a domain name and host
  • The Dashboard (image)
  • Posts versus pages (why do we care?)
  • Settings checklist
  • Best practices: the “more” tag (using the KitchenSink)
  • Best practices: editing / deleting / scheduling publishing (Chapter 4)
  • Best practices: permalinks (Chapter 4)
  • Selecting a theme (demo)
  • Using categories to organize content



  • For next week, general assignment: find three author/book sites that you like (whatever is appropriate to your project); make a post on your WordPress.com site with details about the sites, including why they appeal to you/how they fit your vision of your site
    • Remember to link to each site by name or description – no bare URLs, no “click heres”
    • Add a link to your project page on this site
  • For next week, project: Have 2-3 possible domain names in mind before class; come to class with credit card in hand.
  • Tools (2): set up a Flickr account before next week’s class.
  • Reading before next Wednesday:

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