I discovered an active market for templates in this vein. I find this online resume option very attractive for its simplicity, both visual and graph. This sample resume for a graphic designer offers a subtle gray/black and white format featuring identification, picture, brief text and contact information. Three bright circles bring up links for a resume, work examples and a skill-set list. This is a completely professional option, with no personal information, presented as a template for purchase on the Wix website.

This article from has some good tips for graphic designers about how to build your online portfolio. It includes several examples, more complicated, creative and exciting than the Wix template, and I plan to spend some more time with it. It discusses current options for showcasing work online, such as Behance, Coroflot, and Tumblr. has a relevant article, 27 Beautiful Portfolio Website Design Examples that will make you rethink your portfolio site. These portfolios include a broad view of many fields, including web design, painting, drawing and photography. It also has an interactive little feature called, “How to create a website in 3 easy steps,” which appeals to me as a beginner.

These are good options for me to explore, as I am quite new to this and need exposure to the basics.



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