week 3 – 15 October – WP


  • Housekeeping
  • Domain name registration
  • Mini-lecture: writing a good link post (how & why)
  • WordPress dashboard (more)
  • Sites that work for us (homework, discussion)
  • Things to think about when picking a theme : images, home page, sidebars, top navigation, mobile theme
  • Social media integration (sharing and photos)


  • When you log in, open two tabs in your browser (or two windows). One of them should be your WP.com site. The other one should be this site. And make sure you’ve logged in to WP.
  • Project pages should have link to post:
    Anna, BarbChris, ChrystalDavid, Jean, Jenn, KarenKelsey, MargaretMilen, Neda

Domain name registration

  • Let’s do it!
  • Identify where/how you update nameservers!

You’ll do this after you’ve picked a hosting company but NLT Monday so the domain name will work in class Wednesday night. (This is me being ultra-cautious.)

Content: writing a good link post

WordPress Dashboard

  • Screen options
  • Widgets
  • Menus
  • Media (let’s grab a photo or two from Flickr and upload)

Sites that work for us

  • Discuss, share

Picking a theme

  • Images, home page, sidebars, top navigation, mobile theme
  • Don’t worry too much about color – background/text/headings/links
  • What else?



  • For next week, your project: write about how you might/will you use a blog with your site and post to your WP.com blog; add this to your project page on this course blog
  • For next week, your project: find three themes (free or $) that you find visually appealing; create an interesting link post (creative headlines!) about them on this course blog; your primary audience is your fellow classmates – what might they want to know? Include a screen capture of each one. Remember to link to each theme.  
  • For next week, your project: secure hosting company and update DNS servers with your domain registrar (see list of supported hosting companies below)
  • Reading before next Wednesday:
    Chapter 3, Installing WordPress on your web host (we will use an installer)
    Chapter 5, Choosing and Polishing your theme (review)
    Chapter 6, Jazzing up your posts

For next week: supported hosting services

Pick one. Please set up the account by Sunday, then update the DNS servers with your registrar.

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