Theme Overload

Selecting three themes to talk about was a difficult task for me as the amount of themes available for WordPress seems never-ending.  I first came across the Port theme, which I took notice of because of the moody look of the title page.  Reading further,  I found that it had a lot of advanced features, such as being responsive to whatever device you are viewing it on.  It also has the flexibility of being able to use to showcase your past work, as  portfolio site.

Port Theme

The next theme I came across was a theme called the Workality theme.  This theme was simple to look at, while at the same time allows you to showcase a lot of different content in one screen.

workality theme

My favorite theme was also the most simple, the Counterpoint theme.  This theme is simple, yet clean.  It doesn’t place a lot of emphasis on fancy pictures and graphics.  It seems, at least from first glance to be focused on the content, which is what I’m more interested in.


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