Themes: a neverending journey

I got lost a lot in looking at the available themes and discovered that simplicity is probably the way to go for me, at this tenuous stage of the game.

I like this Zuki theme for its easily accessible categories. It seems like a good way to bring unity to what may be a blog with several possibly random themes, as mine will be.



Cocoa is a clean, uncluttered theme with good typography. It feels bright and fresh. The extensive use of white space makes me feel as though I have lots of room to breath. Many of the themes I looked at made me feel claustrophobic and like I didn’t know what to look at first. I find this theme leads me in a simple trail of breadcrumbs, easy to follow and I know where my my eyes need to go without effort.



This theme, Spun, is my favorite. I love it for its graphic simplicity and use of bold, round buttons. I would need to develop a set of graphic symbols or photographic representations to use with this. I would also probably want to use a text tag with each one, as I do not have a blog theme clear enough to navigate with just graphics.



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