Surprise! Three New Features for My Readers


I hope to expand my readership with the addition of some new learning experiences.  At the end of each month I will write a special post which includes a short You Tube video.  Here are my ideas for the first two films.

  • Viewers will be able to watch a step by step demonstration when they want to learn how to paint an original design on needlepoint canvas.
  • Then they will have an opportunity to learn about color theory with specific slides showing how proximity of hues can affect visual perception.

(I will continue to offer new videos on my web-site for six months.  If visitor numbers fail to rise, I can always use the videos for my teaching resume.)

Another new feature will be quite attractive to my United Kingdom readers.  During the summer several of them expressed curiosity about my daily spiritual practices.

I haven’t written a direct response.  Though I didn’t tell readers, needlepoint helped me stay calm and confident before and after recent successful cancer surgery.  I know it’s a wonderful, drug free coping mechanism I can offer to readers.

So, to maintain my privacy, I am collecting a series of recent articles and book titles (related to artistic meditation practices.) Readers will be able to receive further information within a new category titled:  “FYI.”

My third blog feature will be commercial.  For a modest fee, readers will be able to defray the exorbitant expense of most commercial painted canvases.  I will sell a limited run of 20 page booklets on my web-site.  Each document will give complete instructions for one needlepoint project.

I know this feature will be another “test market” project.  I hope I will be able to complete the draft for my first pamphlet by June, 2015



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