How to: add and customize Instagram on your blog.

I love Instagram. When I first heard about it though, I thought it sounded completely useless: “you mean you can only share a picture, and that’s it?” Shortly after my friend finally convinced me to create an account, I realized that the beauty of Instagram is indeed that you only share pictures.

An Instagram post is just a little glimpse into a single moment of one’s day –  no heated political diatribe or gushy sentimental “dear diary” post for all to see.

When I came across the Instagram widget in WordPress, I immediately knew that I wanted to add it to my blog. Here’s how to add the widget and customize the display:

1. Navigate to the Dashboard.

2. Within the left side menu of the Dashboard, navigate down to Appearance. It has a paintbrush icon next to it.

3. Hover over Appearance and select Widgets from the pop-out menu.

4. On the left side, Available Widgets shows all widgets you can choose from, while the right side contains the areas of your site where widgets can be displayed.

5. Scroll down to the Instagram widget in Available Widgets or use your browser’s search function (control/command + F) and enter Instagram.

6. Click and drag the Instagram widget to the desired area on the right.

7. Once the widget had been added to a location, click on the widget to expand the widget settings.

8. Select the desired number of images and columns to create and customize your Instagram grid.

9. Click Save to keep the chosen settings.

Playing around with the Instagram display settings, I definitely think the widget looks best with at least two columns and two rows. The more images you add, the smaller yet more mosaic-like each image becomes. The Instagram widget is a simple way to add an interesting graphic element to your blog.

3 thoughts on “How to: add and customize Instagram on your blog.

  1. David KH

    Thanks Chris. I am not an Instagram user but my kids are and love it. I appreciate that you were skeptical at first and you shared a convincing post on both its benefits and how to include it in our blogs. I will try Instagram and then come back to this post, as I would like to allow users the chance to share visual comments or riffs off the kinds of posts that I am expecting to include, so I am imagining this will be worthwhile. Ciao, David

  2. Chrystal Vavoulidis

    I love Instagram. I use it to take most of my travel photos. I also think, this widget, is a good alternative way of showcasing ones Instagram “work” to ones audience or readers as opposed to just simply adding the Instagram media icon. The mosaic of pictures, as described above, might be more attractive to the eye for most people.


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