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My initial reaction when setting up my WordPress blog and selecting a theme was: “there are so many and they all look so nice; how can one ever choose?” Well, of course they all look nice. Someone put a great deal of work into creating each theme and the samples are carefully curated to best showcase the theme’s features. One of the first things I noticed when previewing a theme on my own blog is that it won’t instantly look like the sample images. I realize now that in order to truly see the difference between themes, and to take full advantage of a theme’s functionality, you need plenty of content (text, images, media, etc.) and widgets. To date, I have four blog posts (this will be my fifth), one image, and one widget. So basically nothing. But I can at least now get a better idea of what different themes will look like on my blog, as I now have enough content to actually scroll down the page.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again: I really like the Suits theme. It was the first theme that I chose, and I’m still happy with the way it looks. Aesthetically, I like the overall simplicity, the bold capitalized lettering, and the monochromatic (color) scheme. With this theme, the content takes center stage. The header area is quite small, which I think frames the title well. Not ideal for someone who wants their blog title/header to include a large image. The eye goes straight to the blog posts, with no distracting features or color schemes.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 10.45.40 PM Ok, I change my mind. I just came across an even more simplistic theme, Illustratr, which takes minimalism to the next level. It has all of the design features that I like about the Suits theme, but with an even more discrete header and a collapsable footer. Moreover, the blog posts are centered in the middle, as opposed to left-aligned. This one’s really all about the content. I may switch over to Illustratr!

  Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 10.39.04 PM

 Gasp! This theme is really cool. Check it out: Pictorico. I’ve seen a couple of themes like this in passing, but hadn’t clicked on one until now. The design is oriented in a grid, with each post/page making up a square. The background for each of the post-squares is the post image, so you end up with a grid of images. Hovering over each image reveals the title and creation date (posts). This would make a great portfolio theme, especially for a photographer or other kind of visual artist. Previewing the theme on my site is definitely not as visually stimulating, as I only have a few posts and only one image. The result is a few solid-color blocks, one block with an image, and a giant Instagram image taking up the rest of the space. I guess the footer is the main widget area and takes up whatever space isn’t being utilized by content. This theme would be a great way to tell a story through images that interact with their content. It is reminiscent of the Advent calendars my mom used to buy my brother and me; each square opens up to reveal something inside.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 10.44.05 PM

Well, shoot. Now I don’t know which theme to choose (again)! Don’t worry I’ll figure it out. Tomorrow.


One thought on “them themes

  1. David KH

    I added a reply on your Instagram post as that was your How-To WordPress post for homework and it fell to one side of my own posting…DKH


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