Fiddle Dee, Fiddle Dum


I’ve been playing around with insert photo techniques – trying to discover how large I can expand an image, and how to shrink it.

If you are familiar with Photoshop elements you know the edges of an on-line photograph are similar to bread dough.  The horizontal buttons in the center of each horizontal rim may be easily pulled to a wider expanse.  Then you notice the vertical edges seem closer together.

It seems as though our Word Press tool kit has set limitations on over-all use of pixels.  Thin wide rectangles of photographic imagery are the norm.

When I stretched a jpeg slightly beyond its limit, it disappeared!  Then I noticed Word Press did initiate an Add Media compromise.  The enlarged photograph was placed at a different site, within the bottom header space.  Could this action be an early Halloween trick?

To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, it may be best to alter your jpeg size ratios before you Add Media.


3 thoughts on “Fiddle Dee, Fiddle Dum

  1. David KH

    Thanks for this Fiddle Dee post, Jean. I am also interested in the ways we can adjust and resize our images for including on our blogs and how they will best be viewed by our audience, especially on different viewers. I am unfamiliar with Photoshop and its technical aspects but appreciate your cooking metaphor of the squishing dough as I can certainly visualize that! Sometimes I think this WordPress is easy to use and we will all become Bloggers extraordinaire, while other times it seems sort of endlessly complicated, and I can get easily confused and/or frustrated. Glad we are a class of folks muddling along together! Cheers, David

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  3. jennZ (@proof_breaker)

    Thanks Jean, I also appreciate this reminder to watch for your jpg size BEFORE uploading. It could be a part of a standard practice to make sure the images are the right size, and you could even measure what size that is and spend some time formatting images before adding them to the media library so they are ready to go! I’ll be sure to add this to my own blog stylesheet/procedures.


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