How to add “store bought” social media icons on WordPress

A few weeks back when I had first started to use WordPress, I could not figure out how to add social media widgets. So one day as I was browsing  my Instagram account, I came across a cute website account that sells office supplies, media icons and website building services. I bought a set of icons and here is how I installed them the easy way (the instructions they came with were too confusing to me).

First of all make sure to download the icons on to a folder or a file by themselves. Then go to your WordPress website and :

1. Create a new post but do not publish it.

2. Click inside the text box and click add media.

3. Upload files. Go to the folder you are storing the icon media, select all at one time by hitting Ctrl and left clicking on each of the icons. When they upload the should all have check marks on them.

4. Click insert into post. Click on visual and you will see that they are stacked by default. For side by side icons simply left click on the beginning or each code and backspace once.

5. Then connect all the icons to their pages by clicking on each one separately, one at a time, and do linking (copy + paste UR). Always click the open in a new tab button so people can easily go back to your blog.

6. Save Draft incase you need to add more icons or do edits in the future.

7. Go back to text tab, on the post, and press Ctrl+A (for PC) or Command+A (for Mac) or simply roll over and select all of it with your mouse, right click and select copy.

8. Go to Appearance tab (from Dashboard) then click on Widgets.

9. Click on your Side Bar and add a Text widget by clicking on Text and dragging it with your mouse to the spot you want it on the Side Bar. Then Right click and Paste all that code and save.

10. Hit View Blog and you should be all set.

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A little bit about me: I am a Grad student attending the American University of Paris, pursuing an MA in Global Communications. I love looking at maps and dreaming-I love to travel, read, listen to music and learn languages. I speak English, Greek, Spanish and French. When I am not in school I am always trying to embark on a new spontaneous adventure by looking and scouring the internet for amazingly inexpensive package deals. When I announce my travel plans to friends or family they usually ask "Why did you choose this place now?" My answer is simply "Why not? I want to see the world!'

3 thoughts on “How to add “store bought” social media icons on WordPress

  1. David KH

    Also interesting, Chrystal. I am not a social media user at this time but seems like I will be heading that direction soon in order to support my online blog as well. Did you find easier directions for loading these on your own or just figure out the easier way yourself? Either way, way to go!


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