How to Create a Quick and Dirty Landing Page

This mini-tutorial will teach you how to create a simple landing page for your site while you are tweaking your theme.

Many of us would rather not publicize every tweak and twist of our themes as we work out the kinks of our sites. This tutorial will show you how to create a landing page to capture leads to your mailing list while you perfect your site for the public. SeedProd has created a plug-in called “Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode” that allows you to add a professional landing page to your site while you continue to tweak it.

First, we will be installing this plug-in to our self-hosted WordPress sites:

In your dashboard, select the plug-ins area in the left-hand side bar. Then, at the top, navigate to the area where it says “add new”

Search for: Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd

Install and activate the plug-in!

Then, you will want to update the settings for this plug in.

Here is where you can change the content and design of your landing page to suit your site’s look and feel. For this example, I have chosen the Antares Press website, which is currently under construction, but still capturing leads.

Here is a glimpse into the settings for the Antares Press landing page plug-in:


First, under the content tab:

Enable “coming soon” mode. Once you do that, you’ll see a big red rectangle at the top of your dashboard letting you know that this feature has been turned on.

Then, you will want to upload a logo/image to your media library. This image can contain any message that you want your audience to know, as with the Antares Press “logo” image on that site. Then link the logo you just uploaded to your media library to the “logo” section of this content tab.

Use Photoshop or any other image editor to include vital text for your call to action.

Then, in the message section, you will find code for the mailchimp email widget that can be created on Your own email provider will be able to help you generate html code to create a widget that leads to your own email list service.

Alternatively, this space can be used for the message you have for your audience while your site is being worked on.

If you put code into this section, make sure you do it in text mode and not visual mode.

Finally, further down on the content tab, make sure you decide whether you want to give love to SeedProd or not. This means selecting whether their logo appears on your landing page. I’ve chosen NOT to show their logo.

Next, on the Design tab:

Here is where you can choose what the background color and/or background image of your landing page will be. Since Antares Press is simple, we’ve left it just with a neutral white background color.

There are two more tabs that I didn’t find useful for the creation of this landing page, but you might find them helpful. And there are many more settings you can tinker with. Have fun!


3 thoughts on “How to Create a Quick and Dirty Landing Page

  1. jean

    I am awed by your blog knowledge. This topic is a bit (well, quite a bit!) over my head. I will print a hard copy of your text to review several times. Don’t be surprised if I want to ask you a few follow-up questions in class.
    Best wishes,

  2. Karen Monier (@kmonier1159)

    I like the idea of a “landing page.” I never thought of doing this as I thought I would get my blog to an acceptable stage and then then tell other people about it. This creates a great “in between” place while I’m going for perfection. LOL…like that is even possible! Thanks…


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