Let Me See that Sidebar Image

For various reasons you may want to add an image in your sidebar that isn’t automatically offered by a theme. It’s a relatively simple process, and only requires the teensiest amount of HTML code. The first few steps you already know how to do: Find an image you want to show off, and add it to your media library, and copy that URL code from your image.


Go to your widgets page, and find the text widget

tutorial 1

Click “Add Widget”

tutorial 2

Because you can’t paste the code directly into the text box, you’ll need to paste the URL code in something like Notebook, and then copy it again.

tutorial 3

In the next widget, give it a title, and lay down this simple code:


An example of my code is below; don’t forget to SAVE

tutorial 4

Ta-da! My current theme doesn’t allow for the primary sidebar, so I moved my text widget to a footer.

tutorial 5

A few simple steps, and you can start adding fixed images all over the place!



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