How I might use my blog : A travel Diary


I started this blog in order to record my travels and share them with friends.

The last two years I have been very fortunate to be able to go on “vacations.” I like everything about travel. I like the adventure, the learning, the meeting of new and interesting people and of course the picture taking. I hope to develop the blog and my website into a portfolio of writing samples and media to showcase for future freelancing jobs.

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About Chrystal Vavoulidis

A little bit about me: I am a Grad student attending the American University of Paris, pursuing an MA in Global Communications. I love looking at maps and dreaming-I love to travel, read, listen to music and learn languages. I speak English, Greek, Spanish and French. When I am not in school I am always trying to embark on a new spontaneous adventure by looking and scouring the internet for amazingly inexpensive package deals. When I announce my travel plans to friends or family they usually ask "Why did you choose this place now?" My answer is simply "Why not? I want to see the world!'

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