Trend forecasting: web design

What are some web design trends to consider when creating your new self-hosted WordPress site?

According to an article I read on The Var Guy, web design in 2015 will be dominated by two factors: mobile devices and video content. In fact, according to the author, “YouTube is No. 2 in search engines,” and “some 40 percent of YouTube’s traffic now comes from mobile devices.” This powerful piece of information confirms that web surfers are searching for videos, and almost half of them are doing so on their mobile devices.

The remainder of the article lists some specific web design elements, all of which are essentially geared towards making your website more mobile friendly. While Matthew McDonald touches on the importance of keeping mobile devices in mind when designing your WP site, this article really sold that point for me. So, future web designers, be prepared for an ever-increasing presence of mobile video watching and read the above article for some design tips on maximizing your site’s ability to accommodate these trends.



3 thoughts on “Trend forecasting: web design

  1. Barb Adsero

    Yes, mobile devices are taking over. I’ve only recently started using my son’s IPAD and am finding it a great tool for viewing videos, online meetings and educational content. Everything appears to be geared towards being able to view from a mobile device.

  2. Chrystal Vavoulidis

    How interesting! I found a similar article for this weeks assignment and realized how important it is for the audience/consumer to be able to navigate the site from their mobile device. Mobile technology is growing fast and it is very common, so naturally everyone will most likely have a first experience with a site from a mobile devise. I am glad, I personally, made the choice to pick out a layout that I will find easy to use on my device to navigate, edit etc.


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