3 looks for my blog

Three is a reasonable number of options from which to choose from. I knew exactly what I was looking for so those three themes to pick from are fairly similar. I’m looking for a white background. Not just that visual content always looks best on white, it’s also way more practical for adding images. Otherwise, I’d be tempted to add transparencies to make images look nicer and I already know that’s be too much work. I like white background because I come from traditional publishing and I know white pages passed the test of time for a reason. I want my blog to look unassuming and simple and I need all the necessary features at a glance, so I ‘ll pick between:

  • Coraline


  • The Morning After


  • Yoko


Some themes like Chateau offer a nice diary like looks, but I’m not sure that’s what I’m looking for since dates won’t be that important.


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