How to make WordPress play to your tune?

The first question that comes to my mind is how can I add some music to my illustration blog? It’s unclear WHY I would want to use music to showcase illustration? Maybe something in line with “this is what I listened to when I worked on this piece”. For fun! For variety! My husband is a sound guy, so every time I try to learn a new skill on the web I think of how I can help him with his website (which is what I will eventually have to do at some point).

My advice is: try SoundCloud. Search for the music you can legally share. This is super easy as this service was created having in mind all the people who would want to share music on their blogs. Find the track you want and make sure it’s OK to share it.


After clicking the Share button, you’ll need to choose the Embed option and then check the WordPress code radio button. It will even give you more options, which limit to the size of the media you can insert into your page and the auto play option.


How convenient!


2 thoughts on “How to make WordPress play to your tune?

  1. Anna (@ApAnnagator)

    Super convenient! I love Soundcloud, and it’s proving to be the easiest way to share a sample of something you or another person is working on. And I personally really like when artists add creative soundtracks.


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