Blog those illustrations!

When creating a website to showcase visual work, people will clearly show (or try to show) the best pieces in their portfolio. Well, I tried to do this. Once. I learned basic HTML so I can create my own website. These were the pre WordPress days. The problem was: it got stale. Unless you’re an avid web designer, perhaps unless you’re a programer, you’ll be inclined to make that PERFECT showroom and leave it as is. It’s like designing a poster: the picture looks great here, no, I don’t think we should move it to the left.
In order to show more recent work, blogs may be a great choice. And that’s the reason so many illustrators have blogs. A curse and a blessing of blogging is that you have to add work on regular basis. Which is great because it puts you to work. Nulla dies sine linea. No week without a post.
Another reason to blog is that the non-perfectionist, laissez-faire approach of blogging may benefit an artist who is a subjective sort of animal. Artists often gather a portfolio of works that agents find to be bad choice. This is because we get attached to some works, we personally like it and it has a special meaning to us that nobody else will see. Blogging would expose such work alongside other stuff that we would never put in a portfolio but may be more communicative to the public.


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