Three major points to look at when considering a web design

In an article I read on the author talks about how mobile devices are changing web design. As he explains, and we already know to be true, the consumer and people in general spend a lot of time on their mobile phones. They depend on their phones and perform multiple tasks a day, from ordering food, to online shopping and communicating with one another. The importance of the mobile devices should not be overlooked but always be taken under serious consideration when planning or designing a website or blog.

The author, Ronn Torossian, gives us three major points to consider:

1. Responsive web design.

web responsive design is a must

The layout, he stresses, should automatically adapt to the device being used. The main reason behind this is to maximize the user experience. That is an important point as websites and blogs are meant to be visited.

2. Add more padding/space between content.

By this he simply means that when browsing a site on a desktop or a laptop, one can easily navigate, click on links and zoom in or out. However, it changes when the site is displayed on mobile. Everything when you’re navigating with your finger, is bulkier, the screen is smaller, and it’s much easier to tap the wrong thing.

3. Bigger Pictures

This last point is most important for online shopping. The consumer will want to look at the product in full detail and a small picture, when zoomed in too much, will look blurry and pixely. For that reason web designers have come up with text, boxes, or magnifying glasses to make it show that clicking or touching a picture will enlarge the image for better viewing.

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