week 6, nov 5: photos/infographics/art

Agenda (last week revisited)

  • Housekeeping
  • Visual concepts such as Rule of Thirds, aspect ratios, optimal resolution/size, alt/title tags
  • Creative Commons and Copyright
  • Pinterest and Tumblr as social spaces
  • Flickr as image source (CC)
  • Getty Images as image source


Open the following web pages in separate browser tabs or browser windows (your choice) and be sure to keep them open to make it easier to switch from one to another

  • This page
  • Your WordPress.com blog dashboard
  • Your web hosting company dashboard (first screen after log in)


Before we start class,go to the WordPress dashboard for this, the course blog. Look at your posts here. If your ‘how I might use a blog with my site post’ is HERE, please copy it to YOUR WordPress site and delete or unpublish it from this blog. Then LINK it to your project page.

! Now, look at your WordPress “how to” posts. Please categorize them as “WordPress How to” posts!

! Finally,  see if any of your posts are “uncategorized” — if so, edit and give them the proper category. (Why do we not want uncategorized posts?)

! Visit the project page some time tonight and link your name to your WordPress.com blog. Everyone can’t do this at the same time – only one person can edit the page at a time. When you have edited the page, “exit” by clicking out somewhere else in the Dashboard.


1. Project pages should now contain a link to your project site. Take a moment to do this if you have not already done so.
AnnaBarbChrisChrystalDavid, JeanJenn, KarenKelsey, MargaretMilen, Neda

2. This course blog should have a how-to post from last week. Please take a moment and read the two that are on either side of your name — and make a comment:
Anna, Barb, ChrisChrystalDavid, JeanJenn, Karen, Kelsey, MargaretMilen (this week), Neda

3. From two weeks ago:  Write about how you might/will you use a blog with your site and post to your WP.com blog; add this to your project page on this course blog. This post should NOT be live on the course site; it is a personal (project) post, not a group resource. Please differentiate the project posts like this one from posts that you create on this site.

Project pages should have a link to the above post:
Contain link to post:
AnnaBarb (link to the post, please, not to top level), ChrisChrystal,DavidJenn, KarenMilen
Missing link to post:
Jean,  Kelsey, MargaretNeda


  • What do you want to do about making up last week? Who can/wants to meet on December 17?
  • Visual concepts (ppt)
  • Using other people’s work (copyright)
  • Creative Commons licensing : Flickr example
  • Pinterest and Tumblr as social spaces
  • Practice: create a blog post here (course blog) and paste some copy — feel free to use fake latin. Select an image from this blog’s media library, and then insert it into the blog post. Do this four times: choose the size and then align none; align left; align center; align right. See what happens to the copy “below” the image with the different alignments. [No need to publish – you can leave in draft state and just preview.]



  • For next week, your project: write an “about” page
  • Reading before next Wednesday:
    Chapter 8, Comments
    Chapter 9, Getting new features with plugins
    Chapter 10, Adding picture galleries, videos and music
  • Tools (3): set up a G+ account before next week’s class.
  • For next week, general assignment: before next Wednesday, make a post here (as an author on this course blog) that is a resource or news item related to web or blog design (very big umbrella); select the category “design” for your post.

1 thought on “week 6, nov 5: photos/infographics/art

  1. Kathy E. Gill (@kegill) Post author

    what makes good how-to
    — Streamline bullet points
    — Visuals that tell a story
    — Context (why/when/what’s it for me)
    — Sequential instructions (mind of a beginner)
    — Anticipate where things might not go as planned
    — Who is your potential audience

    what makes good comments
    — candor and emotion
    — engaging with the article
    — adding/extending information
    — be specific


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