A.I. Design

There’s a hot new website design in town, and it called itself, The Grid. Still in it’s beta phase, The Grid boasts a new way to design your website without the dusty rigid use of templates, and they call this feature the filter. They boast a design invention that thinks for you, and claims that instead of uploading, arranging, and tinkering with content within a selected layout, the filter, a cloud based service, will use an algorithmic science to decide what your content is, and where it should be placed. Here’s a bit more of an in depth look, via The Grid:

Sounds fun, like most new things. Sounds easy to use if you’re diametrically opposed to having to work with ANY design feature within a template. But what The Grid sounds like to me, if a fancy new way to call a template, something else. The actually originality in looks sounds minimal, especially in this early phase. I imagine a slew of homogenous websites and blogs, especially if they’re publishing similar content. But I don’t know what else to expect from a company that calls itself, THE GRID, and brings to mind all the connotations of an ’80s-’90s dystopian film.

But, you can check it out for yourself, at an introductory price if you’re interested, and be backer #135489651, because apparently we’re all automatons existing on a grid.




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