week 7, nov 12 : Web site versus blog, audience


  • Housekeeping
  • Discussion
  • Lab


Open the following web pages in separate browser tabs or browser windows (your choice) and be sure to keep them open to make it easier to switch from one to another

  • This page
  • Your WordPress.com blog dashboard
  • Your web hosting company dashboard (first screen after log in)


Project pages should have a link to the about page



  • Social integration (Google+, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Review JetPack (Make sure you have latest version – 3.2)
  • Install two plugins (working in pairs)

Integrating social accounts


  • Log in to Google (gmail)
  • Follow this link to open your Google+ profile: http://plus.google.com/me
  • Copy your Profile-URL from the address bar to clipboard
  • You will need this to link JetPack social accounts to G+
  • Follow this link to edit the Contributor To section: http://plus.google.com/me/about/edit/co
  • In the dialog that appears,
    – click Add custom link
    – then enter your website URL
    – make sure this is publicly available
  • Click Save.

See JetPack support for Google+

Twitter – get your profile link (http://twitter.com/yourTwitterHandle)

Facebook – get your profile link (http://facebook.com/yourFaceBookURL)


Plugins for author bios

Other possible plugins


  • Project: Site outline posted to your project page on this site
  • Be prepared to discuss where your are (individually) and biggest challenge(s)
    • Everyone should have a site outline posted to your project page on this site by next week
    • Everyone should have ideas about how you can use an editorial calendar posted on your project page on this site by next week
    • Everyone should have a statement of “who is my audience” on your project page on this site by next week
  • Read: Chapter 12, attracting a crowd; Appendix B, securing a self-hosted site
  • Extra Credit: before next Wednesday, make a post here (as an author on this course blog) that is a resource related to course topics (very big umbrella); select the appropriate category for your post.


WP Dashboard Review

      • Screen options
      • Posts -> categories, tags, delayed posting
      • Posts -> rolling back to an earlier version
      • Posts -> changing the home page
      • Media -> all of your uploads
      • Links -> blogroll – history
      • Publicize -> defaults can be overwritten!
      • Appearance -> Menus -> Custom Menus

wordpress publish options


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