week 10, 10 december – wrap up!


  • Housekeeping
  • Guest
  • Class wrap-up


  • We will complete course evaluations at the end of class. I will need a volunteer to collect and slip under the door of the office.


Guest speaker

Tod McCoy – winter quarter instructor


Please complete this feedback form for each speaker in real time. We’ll take a minute or so between speakers.

Here’s everyone’s project page:
AnnaChrisChrystalDavidJenn, KarenMargaretMilenNeda

Tie up loose ends

  • Contact info on websites
  • Social icons – the difference between sharing icons and how-to-contact-me icons
  • Consider integrating your Instagram images using a plugin
  • “Hide” the /wp/ directory so that the basic URL shows the site [WP.org explanation]
    • I’ll need your SiteGround account login / pswd info so that I can FTP into your web server
    • You’ll need to login to your self-hosted WP account as admin (or give me admin login / pswd info)


  • The last assignment you will turn in is a blog post on THIS website that links to your project website. It’s a promotional/link post so be clever! Due by 6 pm on Sunday.The website itself will count for 20 percent of your grade. If it is turned in on time and is complete and without major flaws, you will get a baseline of 80 points. You may get additional points for quality, originality, creativity and application of principles we have covered in class as well as demonstrating good understanding of audience and available tools available. Points will be docked for missing deadlines, incomplete work, errors and quality issues.PLEASE make sure that these assignments are either written on your project pages or linked on your project pages:
    • Three author sites analysis (week 2 assignment)
    • How will you use blog? (week 3 assignment)
    • Web site outline (week 6 assignment)
    • Audience description (week 7 assignment)
  • Week after next: an optional lab is planned (it may be 6:45 before I arrive). However, you must text, tweet or email me by midnight on Tuesday and confirm that you intend to be here. I will then send an email out Wednesday morning saying whether or not there will be a lab session.

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