NOTE: This project is still under construction.

How social media will enhance my site
I would like to choose Twitter, Facebook, google+, and possibly LinkedIn to communicate with others in my field and to stay on top of the latest improvements in digital publishing. It is important for me to make contacts and establish myself as an authority in the publishing world so that I can find clients as well as contribute to the continuing discussion about publishing in this increasingly mobile world.

How a Blog will Enhance my Site
Regular contributions to a blog will do three things for me:

  • Keep me on a schedule
  • Force me to find new and better ways to use the WordPress technology
  • Get my voice and opinion out to potential students/colleagues/potential employers

3 WordPress Themes that Enhance my Blog

This site will be used for self-promotion, teaching, and reflection about the changes in publishing in the last few years. It will allow me to experiment with a different type of publishing: web, and, because web publishing is new and challenging to me, it should help me to better understand the challenges facing the new InDesign user. Becoming a student should make me a better teacher.

I am an InDesign user who has created hundreds of books and RPG games. In the last few years I have used InDesign to create ebooks and I have also experimented with the Adobe Digital Publishing System (DPS) to create some prototype interactive apps for the iPad and cell phone; however, even with the improvements to InDesign and the DPS platform in CS6, there is considerable effort involved to resize these apps for different devices. And every year finds more devices, more operating systems, and more sizes to choose from. A web-based, interactive format, optimized for mobile could reinvigorate publishing by making it available to a younger, more mobile-friendly user base, and making it possible for subscribers to interact with content regardless of what device they are using.

This is intended as a learning tool for me as well as an online resume and teaching tool. While the platforms may change, publishing remains essentially the same: using words to impart information. These words may now be interactive, they content may be richer and more involved, there may be less “telling” and more “showing,” but whatever format they take, the words must still provide information. PDFs are easily viewed on a normal-size computer monitor, but are virtually useless on mobile devices. The interactivity on PDFs has generally been limited to hyperlinks, but can include video and audio (embedded or linked). SWF files are small and great for presenting information on a laptop, but can’t be seen on an iPad. Publishers are struggling to figure out the best way to get their words to their audience. Tablets provide a way to show information as well as tell about it.

It is my goal to make publications available on all platforms and on all devices. Adaptive design would reflow text to best utilize the available space. Maps/artwork/information could be interactive: pressing or clicking on a link should automatically bring up more information. Text would be scalable. Images would grow larger when tapped, clicked, or using pinch and zoom. Artwork could be featured in an interactive slideshow or a grid. There would be social sharing options for articles and ads.


Must haves:

  • TOC
  • Blog
  • Examples
  • Resume
  • Artwork
  • Sidebars
  • About Me

Wish List:

  • Interviews
  • Polls
  • Twitter feed
  • Notepad
  • Links to Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Advertising: User-created Apps; Books; Endorsements; Competitors’ Blogs
  • Article Archive
  • Contact Me
  • Self-promotional Advertising: Upcoming Classes, etc.

Content Plan
The format has to be engaging and inviting, but easily modified. There will be an easy to navigate, interactive TOC. Each month should also feature an interactive element (perhaps a slideshow of examples). There should be easy to use links to others’ websites or galleries. A plugin that shows how many viewers are onsite will also be available; perhaps with feeds from a select set of experts who have been vetted.

It should also have features for quick reader social sharing.

Ads should also be as interactive as possible without being annoying (links to websites, embedded video, etc.).

Because my goal is ultimately for use on mobile devices, my navigation system will need to change depending on the real estate afforded by each device: items for top line or side panel, etc.discussion board, etc. So the site must feature responsive design.

Thought: (from the Rumpus): “We were gathering content as we worked out our design. Because of that the content pushed the design, not the other way around.”

Competitive Analysis


  • Strengths: To Come
  • Weaknesses: To Come
  • Opportunities: To Come
  • Threats: To Come


Ideally, this will be advertised on the other experts’ websites; perhaps on user groups and school blogs.

Advertising will be solicited from products that I am discussion.

Search Engine Optimization Tags:
Digital Publishing
Book Design

Screen Shot of Google Trends Image

Google Trends shows Adobe DPS is trending




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