Kathy’s iPad Book

How I will use social media

  • Requisite “share” options on blog posts
  • “How to connect with me” information on the “About” page

How I will use a blog

  • The blog is the primary content on the site. Goal is 2x/week posting of either an app review or featured use of the iPad in the classroom. Although the focus is higher ed, some apps may be more general productivity and some high school examples may make their way into the mix. Also plan to profile teachers/faculty.

The iPad is the number one selling tablet, with 84 million units sold in its first nine quarters. Apple sold twice as many iPads as Macs in the last quarter of 2012, with 1 million units in the education marker. According to Information Week:

Use of tablets and smartphones by K-12 students has hit 50%, according to an analysis released in October at the Wireless EdTECH conference by Blackboard and Project Tomorrow. The report, “Learning in the 21st Century: Taking it Mobile!” found 50% of high schoolers and 40% of middle schoolers use smartphones or tablets on a regular basis.

Produce an ebook and companion website for  using the iPad in the higher ed classroom. Although some apps run equally well on iPads and iPhones, the target for this book is iPads.


  • ID name; register domain; set up WordPress
  • Identify existing books, websites, resources in order to focus on underserved niche
  • Identify iPad apps – free and paid – that make a teacher’s life easier. Feature these in a blog on the book website.
  • Identify iPad apps that might facilitate student projects, especially in the area of content creation (text/video/images). Feature these in a blog on the book website.
  • Produce multiple versions of the book but start with enhanced iBook

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