Michelle’s Site Outline

Project Permaculture

Website Outline

Page Header

Project Permaculture as the header, in the top left corner of each page.


I haven’t made a final decision, but I like the Oxygen theme. In order to use it, I’ll have to learn more about setting it up, and have more content and photos for my site.


  • Home: The blog will be on the home page. I will post at least three times per week, with two of the posts with original material, one with aggregated content. The original posts will chronicle the work I’m doing in my garden, and how it relates to the permaculture principles, and will include photos. The blog posts will each have sharing buttons at the bottom for social media, and comments. Depending on the theme I end up going with, I may have a slider at the top of the page with photos from my favorite posts. Also, as I accumulate more posts, I may include an “other posts you might like” feature that appears at the bottom of post pages. I will keep each post brief on the home page, using the “continue reading” link. Categories will include Before and After, Resources, Permaculture Principles
  • About: This page will tell about me and my garden, what the website is about, and what my goals are
  • The Plan: This page will show the overall plan for the garden, including maps, a project list, and a timeline
  • Garden Notebook: This page is static, in that it’s not in blog format, but I will be updating it as I go. This is where I’ll keep track of what I’ve done in the garden, what I planted when, etc.


  • I haven’t decided on the final position of the sidebar, left or right, but it will be on one or the other, not both.
  • Buttons for my other sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr
  • My Gravatar
  • Creative Commons license
  • Links and Resources (to other sites)
  • Archive
  • Follow Me
  • RSS


  • Contact
  • Copyright
  • Terms of Use

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