Sharons project

Social Media:

Find Me — I will give readers the option of connecting to me via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

Sharing – I will use Twitter, Facebook, Google+ to push out new posts on my site.

I do not plan to create and maintain a separate easygoodcooking presence on Facebook at this time.

Blog: This site is my blog.

Easy. Good. Cooking. is just what it says: easy, good cooking. It is a state of mind and an approach to good living. is about emphasizing the basics of sharing wholesome, tasty, fresh and seasonal food with friends, family and community. At this site you won’t find recipes with lengthy lists of obscure, impossible-to-find ingredients. That doesn’t mean we don’t know what we’re doing in the kitchen. It just means we want to reduce and, hopefully, eliminate waste and frustration in the kitchen. This site will try to simplify recipes and techniques wherever possible and provide a straight-forward perspective on preparing and sharing food.

In addition to great recipes, will have product reviews, including cookware and kitchen tools and equipment. It will celebrate eating and entertaining outdoors, such as tailgate parties, picnics, potlucks,  and backyard barbecues. Indoor entertaining will also get a nod. All those great experiences start with planning and a trip to the store or produce market, so will also provide shopping information and locations, as well as cookbook and magazine reviews.

So, let’s have some fun. Let’s make some fabulous food. Let’s create with our hands. Let’s express and experience our joy and love for each other with easy, good cooking.


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