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A Heart Swell Post

Typically, my blog entries are longer-form posts about thoughts, relationships, travel, etc. But this week, I heard a song and couldn’t get it out of my head, so I decided for variety’s sake to offer it up on my blog. Here is the post:

“My heart and mind have been with me always
But not long enough to keep them in line
I know that my mind has both good and bad days
But my heart wins every time…”

Luke Sital-Singh’s ‘Bottled Up Tight’.

Third Place Books Shows First Place POD

In the past year, I’d driven by Third Place Books a number of times — and although I’d ventured inside, the name always made me chuckle as it reminded me of a similar ‘Three Star Diner’ that I used to frequent on late nights in New York City. I liked the humble placement it gave to itself, rather than boasting a ‘first place’ or ‘five star’ ranking. It seemed instantly endearing to me. Continue reading

When A Camera Phone Doesn’t Do the Trick…

santa monica ca

I chose the above image because I envision my next blog post to be about my time in California last weekend — it fits into the travel / relationships aspect of my blog. I like the center alignment because my blog has a common theme of most posts starting with one main image, then moving into copy, then further images if necessary. I think it’s a nice way to hook the eye and give an indication of what the blog post is about, before anyone evens starts reading.

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Wading through the World Wide Web of WordPress Themes

I could spend hours of my life scouring the world wide web for WordPress themes… And probably did when choosing mine. I realized early on that I was drawn to simple, clean designs with plenty of white space, room for prominent images and a good balance of copy, and a header at the top that would allow me to divide by blog posts into sections. Here were my top three contenders:

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