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A citizen of Cascadia, I am interested in what triggers us into joy and especially how art and literature do such triggering. I am a writer of poetry and fiction, and an artist--and have enjoyed a varied and engaging career in education and non-profits in the greater Seattle area. May this blog help you connect with amazing ways artists and writers are engaging creatively with poetry and literature today. And also, help you discover your own triggers of joy.

Year-End Wish: To Fly with the Thermal Pigeons!

Poetry is everywhere.  Catch yourself looking and you will find it, just as you sometimes notice a flock of pigeons flying over the roof of your favorite Vietnamese restaurant in the International District.  Then you start to wonder, where do those pigeons live?  What do the rock doves–another name for the same bird–actually eat?  How do they not succumb to all that traffic exhaust?  And how in the heck do they fly together in such twisting and turning tight formations?  Well, poetry cannot answer everything, but it does get us wondering and paying attention a little more.  I am hoping Thermal Pigeons

Huh?  Where do these words come from anyway?

Huh? Where do these words come from anyway?

may help you notice some of the great poetry and art around in our world today.  Check it out.  Subscribe.  Write and wander.  Chase the pigeons.

A Smashing Magazine

Here is a great resource for the more hard-core designers in our class: Smashing Magazine.  From Germany, Smashing is focused on quality content for the online design industry.  Here are three observations from spending some time with Smashing:

1)  Based on the words used in a post, I believe that I can slightly comprehend only about 10-20% of the information from this site.  Clearly, it is for the online, technical designer crowd.  It took me quite a while to realize “Responsive” is a term referring to how your website does on devices like tablets and smartphones.  At least I think, that is what it refers to.  I do feel through this class and readings and online puttering about that we are slowly picking up this foreign dialect.

2) Despite the above, I found a number of posts and other pages with great information for a newbie blog developer and some that are really just relevant to anyone.  My favorite from today is the article, “Maximize Your Creative Energy” by Ann Holm, a personal development coach and brain science expert.  Great insights from her on why not to multitask, why to get a good night’s sleep, and other tips on maximizing your creative powers for work or play.  There is also an extended category at the magazine devoted just to WordPress with some nice articles and resources.

3)  Smashing also hosts conferences and events around the world, and coincidentally, next month they are hosting the Smashing Conference, December 9-12th up in Whistler, BC.  Seems like this would be a great event for an aspiring designer to attend and hear some great talks and get pretty inundated into the field.  They have an intriguing list of workshops and talks going on up there.  Wish I could go!

Ride the Photo Carousel on WordPress

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Out of the Infinity, 3 Great Themes for Art and Writing

Here are three themes which intrigue me from the near-endless scrolling possibilities at WordPress:

Autofocus is a fine site for showcasing artistic works in photos and text. Seems like it could be a great site to construct a personal portfolio sharing photos and texts from different projects or accomplishments in life. Free too.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 4.44.48 PM

I like this theme below called the Writer for sharing just written works. Nice feature of titles with images and then the stories are prominently featured.  It also reminds me of the website The Medium that Kathy and Jenn talked about in class a couple weeks ago where an article or story is featured full across the page.  Cost: $80 but hey, this one may be worth it!

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 4.52.47 PM

How unique is this next theme called Inspiration Laboratory?! What a great example of a theme featuring the artwork and style of a featured artist. It makes me wonder if one could do this with the art work of Matisse? Or, say, with your kids’ art or your own artwork?  Certainly you would want the subject matter of your blog to be well-complemented by the style of the artwork.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 4.56.39 PM

A 10,000 Year Clock

Hey Everyone–

I thought for my post that I would share a link to an interesting blog that I have been following on occasion for several years.  The blog is called The Long Now and is from the Long Now Foundation.  These folks are trying to think about biq questions facing humanity and how these questions–and perhaps some answers or at least some suggestions–can be considered over the coming decades, centuries or eons.  Thus, the Long Now.

My favorite project they are doing is the 10,000 year clock. Continue reading