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ABOUT ME Hello! My name is Kelsey and I am 29 years old from the greatest place on earth, the Pacific Northwest! I am a pure bred PNW'er, and I thoroughly enjoy the outdoors and trying new wines and beers that Washington has to offer. I graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Journalism, and I work in the advertising industry as an Ad Campaign Manager. One of my biggest passions in life and that I am constantly learning about is the wonderful world of wine. It is extremely fascinating because so much hard work, passion, and love goes into making wine. From the ground up, to soaking in the sun and growing into perfect, you are consuming one of life's greatest and oldest professions.

Three Designs That Work For Me

1)   Here is a clean slick design that is attractive, easy to look at, and user friendly. I always appreciate a simple design where you can access information easily. Although this one costs money, I like similar ones that they have on wordpress free themes. Overall, this one has an influence of what I look for in a theme.

black wine

2)  Of course I am going to show the one that I already picked for my wordpress. Again, it is simple, the large image grabs the readers attenetion, there is not a lot of text right away, and it is good for reading simple to the point blogs.


3)  I really like this one because it has a minimize feature for people that are on the go and want to read a lot of information. The design allows the reader to choose from three topics or categories (depending on how you set it up) easily and it is nice to look at. The design also works well with a normal browser on a PC or laptop. It is so easy to use and it will be great for my topic because I can pack a lot of information into this design.



Reddit – All in One

I have been using for years, which I guess you could call me a “Redditor.” I am fascinated by how much content is published onto this site and how easy it is to find the latest news on endless topics. There are subreddits within reddit, in which there are many categories to choose from such as: entertainment, educational, technology, discussion-based, humor, image sharing, meta (announcements and blogs), and etc. My favorite subreddits are image sharing, technology, and world news. But, there are a lot more interesting categories that I browse besides those. The other thing that is intriguing about Reddit is people from all over the world post to these categories, making it extremely diverse and interesting.

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