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The theme I’ve chosen and I have made peace with each other. Pinboard gets me closest to the curb appeal I want, looking at the books on a bookshelf. I’ve added a sidebar, a bottom bar and populated all those menu choices. I’m happy with the look, for now, and now my plan is to write, write, write.

My new favorite tab is “Cooking the Books” and I can imagine spinning this into it’s own website and possibly ebook. Continue reading outline design idea2

Book Club Nook

A website to help book clubs find books to read and discuss.

When it’s your turn to host book club, you can turn to to find good suggestions, questions, recipes to serve, possible door prizes or favor, good time to read the novel and even more. They are many sources for finding good books to read, but that does not necessarily mean they would work for a book club. Is there enough to discuss? What are questions to discuss beyond “What did you think?” or “Did you like the book?” And yes, there are plenty of great book club books, but if you can’t get them from the library and don’t want to purchase it every month, what do you do? We are not just talking about good books, but good books for book clubs.

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Homework Assignment #4

Flickr for

I plan to use book covers for to give it the feel of looking at a forward-facing bookshelf in a bookstore.

The group Book Cover Club provides almost 40,000 book covers. Your Books has more than 70,000 items, but are more generic. My Books is also promising, with more than 20,000 items.

I also plan to take some photos myself, of book jackets, or something more artistically presented, but I want the photos to carry the same theme, to represent a bookshelf in a bookstore.

How I plan to use a blog for

Homework Assignment #3

Blog for

I do not plan to use a blog on any main portion of I wish for it to be a static site with evergreen content, updated weekly.

If there is a blog element, it would follow the books and discussions of my personal book club, with possible entries written by members of my books club. After a while, the blog could be expanded to include submissions from readers, and their book clubs.

Plenty of free theme options for

Kirsten Mullins
Digital Publishing
Homework Assignment #2
January 22, 2013

WordPress Themes

My taste tends to run to themes which provide a space for a thumbnail image and a paragraph of text, in which you click on the image or text, taking you to a new page with all the information. I’m envisioning it to resemble a bookshelf in a bookstore, with the selections facing forward.

The Columnist
Triton Lite

Premium Themes
Pinboard (Premium $50)
Gridspace (Premium $75)

All three of these choices might be called a Pinboard design. For my website,, I would prefer if the “pins” were adjustable in size instead of being all the same dimensions. I want a theme option with a Menu running horizontally across the top and a sidebar on the right side.
Many of these seem to be tailored for photographers, but I expect my front page to be image heavy with book jackets, followed by a paragraph of text.

I’ve temporarily chosen The Columnist, over Hatch because it allows for text under my images. Triton Lite is a tempting choice too. I expect to eventually purchase Pinboard or Gridspace, leaning toward Pinboard because the size of the pins are changeable, not static.

Other Options:
Theme Min – looks like a blog and a website at the same time