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Attracting Artists to Your Festival – Call For Artists

Call For ArtistsA Call For Artists is the recruiting package for your festival.  You are trying to attract the appropriate genre, mix and caliber of artist for your festival venue. A Call For Artists is not simply posting a message that you are now accepting applications. I learned my lesson on Call For Artists when I was planning a small local festival in a very artsy town.  We wanted to include local art and artists but we were not clear about what that meant in our Call For Artists or in the application. When we received an application for a booth that would sell jewelry made in Bali we had to consider our purpose, it was beautiful jewelry but did not fit our festival commitment to local artists. We had to make a decision…as will you. Set the expectation for artists in your application and recruiting statements – not to be restrictive, but to be transparent to your artists and to end up with the festival you envisioned.

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Repeat after me…

… most of the hacks happening in the online world are due to an easy admin password

After doing a little research for this post almost every article I read mentioned the importance of a secure password that includes a combination of letters, numbers, symbols & caps.  There is certainly more to it, but that is the place to start…as Kathy has emphasized.

I found this article helpful – by Daniel Sharkov in his Reviews N Tips site 5 Effective Ways To Improve the Security of Your WordPress Blog .

Note-to-self: Add a security update to my routine site maintenance calendar.

Images That Build Credibility

Painting could be attributed to artist & festival

Painting could be attributed to artist & festival

Pse e përdorim?

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Festival Tiles

Handmade Ceramic Tiles

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Why these images were chosen

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Expound Oxygen & Sight!

Selecting a theme

The conversation with my potential user goes like this… “Just go to, take a look at the headings across the top, click the topic you need and use that for your arts festival planning meeting on Sunday.  Breathe!”

The three WordPress themes that I am exploring are, Expound, Oxygen & Sight.  I narrowed my choices to a few themes where  prominent content and visuals quickly captured my attention.

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Appeal of other sites

One of the goals of my ‘Arts Festival’ site is to archive best practices for arts festival organizers and to provide an easy way to search and use the archived content.  The site should make it quick to find content, be visually appealing and stand the test of time and multiple contributors.

In my research I have not been able to find an Arts Festival site that is comparable to what I am planning. What I have found are sites with pieces of content that have appeal.

Festival planning sites that I have located lack visual appeal but do offer some content navigation ideas such as:

Festivals and Events with an attractive ‘manual’ for promoting and implementing a nature festival.

Festival and Event Planning with easy to access features such as tips, forums and calendars for festivals.

Other sites with visual features that I like and want to emulate in my Arts Festival site include:

One Good Thing  with representative visuals and easy to find and searchable information.

A couple research oriented sites MFAH and London Lives have features that demonstrate good cataloging and archives.

Voguepedia and Vogue Archives are favorites for vast content and easy access.

The Selby watercolor filled font is appealing for an Arts Festival site.