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How do you get started with permaculture?

Project Permaculture answers that question and more, showing both my plan and how I put it into practice. Spring is a natural time to be excited about gardening, so I’ll build on that by planting, taking lots of pictures, reading up on techniques and permaculture principles, and writing about it all. I’ll be adding posts and pictures several times per week, and sharing permaculture resources that I find online. Continue reading

Three Flickr Groups in the Permaculture Niche

I didn’t see a button to “follow” in Flickr the way there is on Twitter or WordPress, so I’m subscribing to RSS feeds, which I had to scroll to the very of bottom of the screen to find. I’m not ready to join any groups yet, as I haven’t posted any pictures to my account.

My Project Permaculture site will have mostly my own photos, so I probably won’t be looking for photos to use. I’ll be looking for interesting pictures of what other people are doing, to get ideas for my own garden, and to share what I’m doing.

Here are three I’m subscribing to so far:

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