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Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest, Oh My!

Using social media to market for a dual-author book is a bit intimidating. Since we have limited time and almost zero starting resources, we’ve opted to go with a single website that we can both contribute to rather than two separate sites. Likewise, we don’t use social media as two separate authors, but as a publishing company. This means walking a fine line between being professional but not impersonal, and fun but not goofy. Continue reading

Wanted: Book Smell

Guy Kawasaki was extremely helpful in explaining the more popular print-on-demand options, which Moonshine Publications will definitely be utilizing. We feel it’s important to have access to hard copies since, as Guy pointed out, ebooks only reach 10% of the book market. Physical books are also important for promotional purposes, and everyone working on Moonshine wants to see a hard copy novel. Guy Kawasaki was right when he said there’s something more ‘real’ and satisfying about a physical book. Continue reading

Post-mortem Photography for Commercial Use

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Dreams of Themes

I need two things from a theme. First, it must be responsive. I refuse to put a huge amount of effort into a website only to have it ruined by a treacherously tiny screen. Second, it needs to accommodate a custom header image. A talented artist is contributing her talents to Moonshine Publications—one of the few advantages we have starting out—and I want to utilize her skills to the fullest.

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