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Live, ready or not!

In Googling my Play It Safe Sports name, I had assumed that all was hidden as I played and tinkered in my wp1 directory. Alas, our class list of projects showed up, including the live link to my site (all of our sites!), which makes me realize that I really need to get it viewer-ready. The time for playing is over for PlayItSafe Sports!

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“Free” logos? Perhaps no such thing as “free” after all?

Holly, I was so thrilled with your recommendation of Cool Text for a free logo design as I loved yours.  Thursday, I immediately set to creating a simple masthead… I pasted the URL into the custom header section, and liked it. As the site asked, I added their Cooltext ad to my header in return. Continue reading

Building the Brand – Hilary’s new job

Just accepted a new job “TV Editor/Content Manager” for ParentMap Magazine which should enhance what I can do to drive traffic to my site once I launch. In working with KING5 TV on weekly on-air “Parent to Parent” segments, 1-2 times per month I will appear on air as the topic expert, then linking those segments to my own website… credibility and traffic being my goal here. Continue reading

Hilary’s Outline Assignment

Apologies for the redundancy, Kathy… I did upload this doc through Catalyst’s Collect It, but I didn’t find a group or know of an administrator code to allow others access.  So, in the event I’m not able to do it remotely while I’m away, here goes:

Outline – PlayItSafe Sports blog                                       Hilary Benson  2-20-13

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Is a Domain Name change needed?

I wonder if the ‘’ DN is too negative, given that much of my site’s content will focus on preventing/avoiding sports injures. It hadn’t occurred to me until I was “banned” by a Flickr Group called Kids Playing Sports — being banned doesn’t actually affect my using the pictures in the same way I would have, it just hurt my feelings!  This lead me to think that maybe before I really truly launch I should re-think the name in favor of something like “” which is also available…

Hilary’s Flickr Groups for Website

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but if a picture of an injury is stomach-turning, no one will read my thousand words.  Who wants to lose their lunch? This was a valuable exercise. It reminds me that while the topic is things that can go physically wrong during sports, what people (and especially parents!) prefer to see are pictures of happy, healthy kids competing, not blood and bruises.

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