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A.I. Design

There’s a hot new website design in town, and it called itself, The Grid. Still in it’s beta phase, The Grid boasts a new way to design your website without the dusty rigid use of templates, and they call this feature the filter. They boast a design invention that thinks for you, and claims that instead of uploading, arranging, and tinkering with content within a selected layout, the filter, a cloud based service, will use an algorithmic science to decide what your content is, and where it should be placed. Here’s a bit more of an in depth look, via The Grid:

Sounds fun, like most new things. Sounds easy to use if you’re diametrically opposed to having to work with ANY design feature within a template. But what The Grid sounds like to me, if a fancy new way to call a template, something else. The actually originality in looks sounds minimal, especially in this early phase. I imagine a slew of homogenous websites and blogs, especially if they’re publishing similar content. But I don’t know what else to expect from a company that calls itself, THE GRID, and brings to mind all the connotations of an ’80s-’90s dystopian film.

But, you can check it out for yourself, at an introductory price if you’re interested, and be backer #135489651, because apparently we’re all automatons existing on a grid.



Let Me See that Sidebar Image

For various reasons you may want to add an image in your sidebar that isn’t automatically offered by a theme. It’s a relatively simple process, and only requires the teensiest amount of HTML code. The first few steps you already know how to do: Find an image you want to show off, and add it to your media library, and copy that URL code from your image.

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3 WordPress Themes That Will Fix Your Life

Staring into the void, and 2,000 WordPress themes look back at you. Here’s a handy list to help you sift through the rubble, to become the hot new site.

1) InkZine Theme

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 7.22.14 AM


You can’t tell by preview alone, but this extremely customizable theme features all of the important stuff right up front, with visual and text lying side by side. Mouse over one of the photo previews, and you get a short description of what that link is really about. Let the image intrigue you, and the headline hook you. This theme is good for someone who doesn’t rely on a linear blog style format; it’s for someone who wants to let it all hang out at once.

2) Hueman Theme

theme 2

It doesn’t look very impressive when it’s all bare bones, but this guy provides a unique way to look at links while getting a visual preview through the preview flip-through function. The extra large sidebars also allow for the user’s eye to read straight across all the goodies that look enticing. But they’re shown in a different visual format so as to not overwhelm.

3) Customizr


Big. Bold. Beautiful. Is what this header demands to be called. With a customizable sliding header option, you can make sure that no one misses the most important news of the day on your blog. The top three featured pages also get their own stand alone section, which you can alter on a whim to highlight what’s important. What follows is an alterable descending list of┬ápages. It makes a statement, and gets your point across, making it best suited as a blog, landing page, or small business website.