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From Puget Sound produce stands, to potluck recipes, to cookware reviews, brings you easy-to-understand cooking how-tos and good-food fun.

Project Recap: is about emphasizing the basics of sharing wholesome, tasty, fresh and seasonal food with friends, family and community. It contains (or will contain) recipes for appetizers, drinks, main dishes, side dishes and desserts that have all been deconstructed and made simpler.

In addition to great recipes, has product reviews, including cookware and kitchen tools and equipment.

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Sharon Google+

I am now following these groups/individuals on my Google+  account:

Food Photography: The images were fantastic and include those created by amateurs as well as professionals. This may prove a good resource for my site.

Famous Quotes: I love reading interesting or poignant quotes and have collected them since I was a child. There may be some thoughts captured here that would be great additions to my site.

Tea Lovers: I love tea, too, and, again, there may be information gleaned from this group that would prove interesting for my site.

Also: Patricia Carberry (my best friend and glass artist), Alice Munro (helluva fiction writer and savvy user of social media) and Places to See in Your Lifetime (self-explained).


What a great way to start the day — looking at a bazillion photos from all pockets of the world! For this assignment, though, three groups and individuals I choose to follow are:

Dine and Dish — wonderful food styling work that evokes dreamy repasts of days gone by.

Askmir — food styling work with a slight edge. Ice cream in a dish becomes a work of art.

Finger Lakes — everyone needs to see home sometimes and this is my home-of-spirit. A group of people contributing photos of one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Sharon—WordPress Themes

The key elements I am looking for in a theme design are a clean look, intact responsive capabilities, testing done on Safari or FireFox, no cost, and simple, clear navigation. Following the guidelines in our class text, I am also looking at number of downloads and ratings (though paying attention to such considerations as a 5 out of 5 but with only 2 reviews).

My first, out-of-the-gate choices are:

Mosaic (9,089 downloads, 5 rating) Color and typography options, responsive, very clean.

Magazine-Basic (415,541 downloads, 3.9 rating) Includes Google Analytics, fully customizable and tested in Safari and Firefox.

Wordsmith Anvil (45,353 downloads, 5 rating) 50 theme options including newsletter sign-up and short-posts. Fun look and feel.

Simple Catch ((141,381 downloads, 4.5 rating) Easy-to-read navigation, no-cost, responsive.