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New Fiction Site from Tammy Dioubate

I’m very excited about the new site I’ve just launched for fiction at I’m very happy about the design, it’s a cool design to start with. After the addition of more content I’ll be moving up to a more ‘pro’ design that’s more friendly for the visitors.

My next steps are to simply add much more content to the site. I have many more stories to share via excerpts, and as I finish the stories and publish them I’ll be sharing the links to the ebooks. I’m also writing posts on a mix of subjects, mostly related to using creativity and observation to improve writing skills.


Finding Resources and Making Connections in Google Plus Communities

I’ve had my Google+ account for awhile but never used it. But it occurred to me I may be missing out on a good writers resource, so I decided to go exploring to see what may be available.

So I searched under Communities for “writers”. My first impression is that it’s a very easy tool for finding like-minded people. Continue reading

Three Best WordPress Themes For a Writer’s Blog

Updated:  Since my original list (still available below) I have still been looking through themes, trying to find the ‘right’ ones that would suit me. In the original list, my priority was to find themes that would read as books. However, the themes were not very attractive. I want a theme that is readable and responsive as well as immediately attractive and professional looking. Continue reading