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About Holly

During the week, I'm a professional writer, editor and proofreader who loves to make content sing. Afterhours, I morph into my alter ego who who loves shuttle tatting (a form of lacemaking), beading jewelry and too many other crafts to name here! Watch for my upcoming blog, "I'd Rather Be Tatting, " coming soon!

I’d Rather Be Tatting to Feature Original Patterns

I relished the thought of tatting a gift for my Irish friend just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. (Long car trips to baby showers such as this and other events offer the perfect opportunity to tat away). Confidently picking up my new Aero tatting shuttle, its detachable bobbin wound with vivid, variegated green thread, I glanced fondly at the shuttle, embellished with a decoupage dragonfly, a recent purchase from Etsy’s La Cossette.  I began tatting a motif so basic, it required no pattern. After a time, glancing at it to admire the appearance of the lace, I peered closer in exasperation and surprise as I spotted what appeared to be an error.

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Holly’s Project Description

Holly’s project, the website “I’d  Rather Be Tatting,” consists of a blog with three navigational buttons (Home, About and Tatting Blog). The responsive theme is “Leaf,” found on the website.  The home page contains a slider feature for regular blog posts at the top and a featured posts area below (currently the Welcome to my Home Page launch post) enabling me to keep it there indefinitely. The Leaf options area in the dashboard allows users to change the theme color in the slider, which I did.

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Fun following threads of tatters on Google+

Tasked with signing up for a Google+ account  and finding at least three accounts to follow, once again our capacity to learn and assimilate a new tool has been put to the test. After I managed to fill in all the profile information (which surely will change repeatedly over time) and working with the vexing photo editor (long story– let’s just say all the cute stuff didn’t fit into the little slot we’re given for the profile photo), I then went on to the heart of the assignment.

After a brief tour of the site, I added quite a few tatters (follows and circles). The three I’d like to share with you now:

Georgia Seitz. The undisputed queen of tatting, Georgia is an incredible instructor. She’s authored multiple tatting books and sells her tatting shuttles online; facilitates her 13-year online tatting class at her website, which is filled with an extraordinary amount of tatting knowledge and and currently appears as BellaOnline tatting editor. Her tatting expertise and understanding is legendary. If she doesn’t know it, she knows where to find it; she has the connections.  And she is totally accessible.

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flickr laced with tatting images

The Flickr followers I chose, two individuals and one tatting group, appealed because they demonstrated personally interesting pieces/techniques, particularly noteworthy tatted designs or a breadth of photos:

MickChick831, Leah Mahar’s Flickr tatting photos personally intrigued me because she

  • Embellishes motifs by incorporating beads
  • Makes tatted jewelry

Leah’s photos fall within the Creative Commons license for Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike, which gives me the ability to use them on my blog.

This brown medallion captured my attention immediately . It features

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Pin Your Way to More YouTube Channel Subscribers

During class last week, we learned that it’s possible to create your own YouTube channel on your website. What you may not know is that you can leverage the combined functionality of YouTube with a Pinterest account to increase your YouTube Channel subscribers at your website.

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