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A technical writer in the Puget Sound region, Toni's experience spans several industries. She enjoys learning classical guitar; reading (sci-fi, history, literature, archaeology, cereal boxes); gardening; shooting sports; and family activities.

Flickr Church Art/Graphics Groups

Toni Arritola – I found several Christian art groups, ranging from small groups will few images, to very large and diverse groups whose art it will take a while to sift through. I plan to keep searching groups, using different search strings. No single goup had an abundance of what I am looking for, which is either graphic art or photo images that are thought-provoking, soul-stirring, or represent a scriptural theme.

I like the edgy, more contemporary digital images that are posted by the Church Marketing Lab group. The group is large but can’t hold a candle to the Christian Photographer Fellowship, with 7,000 members and more than 172,000 images! As I said, it will take me a while. WordLive offers only a little more than 300 postings but they photographs that I looked at initially all communicate a serenity that I found appealing for some uses on the church web site.