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I am an author and publisher, currently enrolled in the Digital Publishing program at the University of Washington.

Stop, Look, Listen, and Make Some Friends Along the Way

A Blog Promotion Post

In recent times, I have been inundated with “Look at me!” and “Please check out our blog post” missives (yes, I just got that one today on LinkedIn).  They are usually empty traffic-inducing ploys.  I believe it’s time to look at the next generation of promotion.  Being part of something bigger than myself.

In the last class (fall semester), we identified some ways to promote our blogs.  I choose Twitter  and Facebook  as vehicles to promote my blog content.

It’s pretty easy to publish and promote using the automatic WordPress functionality via jetpack —although I had planned on getting Facebook feedback first for a post, then going to Twitter as a followup, according my project calendar.

However, one thing I think our instructors have been encouraging us to do is look around and interact with the community around us. Continue reading

E-readers and Print On Demand at Third Place Books


On a dark rainy late afternoon I made the foray to Third Place Books on 65th.  Notably, the internet café Vios  was jammed with folks wearing headphones and staring at laptops. At the book buyback counter a young woman was hoisting her preowned books onto the counter. And I found myself lulled into the world of print and TPB’s lovely handwritten notes on the shelves.

I finally asked the clerk at the register where the digital offerings were found.  She pointed me to a small display off to the side of the register.  I saw that there were samples of digital readers  set up. I have to say they are not in a prominent position within the store.Kobo

I asked about name on the readers – Kobo.  The woman explained that the independent bookstores use the readers/app for  their titles.  “The original version was released in May 2010 (July in the US) and was marketed as a minimalist alternative to the more expensive e-book readers available at the time” says the wikipedia entry about the readers.  My mind flashed to my long abandoned first gen Nook (a gift).  These looked very similar.

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Another Perspective: Using an LF image from CC


From Sourced from Creative Commons.

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I’m writing a post about cats on my blog.  Specifically about cats that gregariously approach you on a walk around the neighborhood.  Many of the images I found on Creative Commons, were very candid. Most of my shots are candid snapshots of these friendly felines, so I chose this image because it was a little more “portrait” than candid, and I thought it was rather an arresting image.   I put it on the right because the cat’s gaze is left, so the reader is visually directed to the text.

Kissing Frogs: Where Oh Where is My Perfect WP Theme?

I became somewhat enamored with a theme when playing around in my online sandbox learning how to change themes.  RYU seemed to have everything I needed, until I saw my content with it. Immediately I fell out of love—comments were off to the side, hard to find, and I didn’t like the font. Onto the Blissful Blog. BlissfulBlog

Slow down…. Continue reading

Savor the Moment

My project is still in search for a domain name, but I am interested in the reader experience with photographic, video, and audio materials. I want to bring the reader very close to moments of positive sensory experience—usually a moment.  I would like to have these artifacts interact with text, but they may not always need to.

I spent some time looking at multimedia sites—but I didn’t stumble upon many that were of a personal nature.  There are stunning photos and stories out there.  I have fallen for stories that are told interactively.

A personal blog that I like includes photography–usually of the sensory variety (close up of apple pie, fire) and poetry is Elephantine.

Two others,Katie’s Pencil Box and Pia Jane Bijkerk, “Enhance the Everyday”  tell “in-the-moment” stories with pictures and design.