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Illuminate Yourself Now

For an exciting change of pace, put down your ipad and kindle and immerse yourself in the media of kings, bishops and naturalists!

Jewels are nice and chocolate’s a classic, but could anything be more exciting than a handmade gilded manuscript rich with gem-like paintings of flora, fauna, angels, castles and dragons. Painted with pigments ground from semi-precious stones, insects and predatory snails – who could resist this recipe?

Every picture tells a story, but illuminated art sings to the spirit and the senses. I am pretty sure that contemporary comic books are the democratic descendants of the illuminated codices. Don’t miss out on these highpoints of aesthetic history.

Wait a moment, my apologies. You will need that ipad to visit The Scriptorium.


Lebensart: a beginner’s portfolio site

Hi all–

I present to you Lebensart, a beginner’s portfolio-style site. Lebensart is a German word meaning lifestyle, or way of life. This is a tentative title, like much of the site itself, and I chose it to immediately convey my passion for the German language as well as the overall theme of the site as a collection of my thoughts and ideas.

My goal for this first course of the certificate program was to discover WordPress as a content management system in order to house some of my projects that can’t really be displayed on a resume. In addition, the process of creating a blog was incredibly valuable in helping me learn the basics of WordPress, how to create content that is visually appealing and functional, the importance of considering your audience, and–most importantly–it got me to write, which is something I find incredibly rewarding but at the same time difficult and at times frustrating. This course has given me a good foundation from which to grow my knowledge of WordPress.

If you are in the same boat as me and have decided to create a portfolio-style site, you may find it interesting to visit my site for some ideas (or not at all!). It is still a work in progress and will be for quite a while.


Year-End Wish: To Fly with the Thermal Pigeons!

Poetry is everywhere.  Catch yourself looking and you will find it, just as you sometimes notice a flock of pigeons flying over the roof of your favorite Vietnamese restaurant in the International District.  Then you start to wonder, where do those pigeons live?  What do the rock doves–another name for the same bird–actually eat?  How do they not succumb to all that traffic exhaust?  And how in the heck do they fly together in such twisting and turning tight formations?  Well, poetry cannot answer everything, but it does get us wondering and paying attention a little more.  I am hoping Thermal Pigeons

Huh?  Where do these words come from anyway?

Huh? Where do these words come from anyway?

may help you notice some of the great poetry and art around in our world today.  Check it out.  Subscribe.  Write and wander.  Chase the pigeons.

Karen Monier is Out There!

Well, at least my blog is!  Do you like to eat?  Or read a great book?  Or Eat and Read a great book at the same time?  My blog is about all my favorite things…eating, laughing, traveling, reading and my soon to be new favorite thing–RETIREMENT!  WooHoo…when I will at last be able to do all my favorite things WHENEVER I WANT TO!  So subscribe to my blog and join me on my wild ride into a different life….

3 looks for my blog

Three is a reasonable number of options from which to choose from. I knew exactly what I was looking for so those three themes to pick from are fairly similar. I’m looking for a white background. Not just that visual content always looks best on white, it’s also way more practical for adding images. Otherwise, I’d be tempted to add transparencies to make images look nicer and I already know that’s be too much work. I like white background because I come from traditional publishing and I know white pages passed the test of time for a reason. I want my blog to look unassuming and simple and I need all the necessary features at a glance, so I ‘ll pick between:

  • Coraline


  • The Morning After


  • Yoko


Some themes like Chateau offer a nice diary like looks, but I’m not sure that’s what I’m looking for since dates won’t be that important.

Three major points to look at when considering a web design

In an article I read on the author talks about how mobile devices are changing web design. As he explains, and we already know to be true, the consumer and people in general spend a lot of time on their mobile phones. They depend on their phones and perform multiple tasks a day, from ordering food, to online shopping and communicating with one another. The importance of the mobile devices should not be overlooked but always be taken under serious consideration when planning or designing a website or blog.

The author, Ronn Torossian, gives us three major points to consider:

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